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Charlie, TD4 & TD5 Updates...

So the current Charlie update has him going over Orlando, and he seems to have decided to take a drive east along I-4 this evening. So much for the town I lived in! Okay, so it will still be there, but it kinda feels that way. We almost moved back to Lake Mary instead of Fort Lauderdale... Don't fear though, because there is still time!

Hurricane Charley
Updated: 9 p.m. EDT
Location: 28.4 N, 81.4 W
Moving: NNE at 25 mph
Wind: 90 mph, gusts to mph
Pressure: 965 mb (28.49 in)

Tropical Depression Four
Updated: 5 p.m. EDT
Location: 12.5 N, 24.0 W
Moving: W at 14 mph
Wind: 35 mph, gusts to 45 mph
Pressure: 1009 mb (29.79 in)

Tropical Depression Five
Updated: 5 p.m. EDT
Location: 8.9 N, 46.2 W
Moving: W at 19 mph
Wind: 35 mph, gusts to 45 mph
Pressure: 1009 mb (29.79 in)

Now, what's wonderful about TD5 is that he's forecast to go on just about the same track as Charlie, straight over Cuba, and he's forecast to be a hurricane within 90 hours. TD4 is forecast to be a tropical storm in 72 hours (or less). All that considered, I'm glad to be back home to some excitement! Maybe this will actually get me into the season!! I've missed hurricane season for the last 8 years, and let the passion diminish for me... This is helping ;)

For those who were in the path of Charlie, I hope all is well and wish you a speedy recovery!
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