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Website update...

I'm STILL working on getting the HurricaneSeason.info site finsihed up, but it's getting a lot closer now :) I have to do the translations from knots to miles per hour, and such still on both places I show the data as well as getting the update perl script switched over to use the new tables that I have added in.

All in all, it's really starting to shape up and I can't wait to get our first storm so I can do a live test :) The Eastern North Pacific (read US West Coast) has a wave that they're watching, but nothing official yet...

Between doing that and working WAY too long on a stupid apache mod-rewrite issue one of the sites was having after adding in a default joomla .htaccess file, my day has been tiring and full... It seems like I was awake at this time last night too, again working on websites. I really should cut that out and, I don't know, get a life or something.

If you are planning to track hurricanes this year, check out http://www.hurricaneseason.info ... Feel free to pass along ideas that you would like to see there, or critique what is there. I've had the site for many years now and it's pretty much the same functionality wise as it has been since 1998, even though it's gotten a face lift. I really would like to make it a good resource for others, so take a look and let me know what you think!

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